Home & Renter Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance

One of your most valuable assets is your home. Your home is your safe haven and you have worked hard for it. We want to make sure that in the event of a loss you are protected. Not all home policies are alike. That is why it is so important to not only review pricing but coverages as well. Some policies will cover all losses except those excluded under the policy. Others will cover only those losses named specifically in the policy and most do not cover sump pump failure or sewer backup without adding a special endorsement.

Renter's Insurance

Whether you are a renter of a single family home, a condo or an apartment, a renter's policy will provide protection not only for your personal property but for damage that you could be held legally liable for; you forget about dinner cooking on the stove and a fire ensues causing damage to your unit and other units as well. You could be held liable for damages. This policy will protect your personal property on a replacement cost basis and also provide liability coverage.

Condo Insurance

Your association covers the building itself, but you are responsible for everything from the walls in. Coverage is provided not only for your personal property and liability, but for condo unit items. Condo unit items will be things such as kitchen cabinets, counters, sinks, vanities, light fixtures, flooring, etc.

Scheduled Articles

Did you know that most home policies have a limit for theft of jewelry, silver & firearms? The advantage of scheduling your valuable articles is that there is no deductible and we make sure your items are insured for an agreed value. This way the amount of coverage you are paying for is what you will get in the event of a loss. You can schedule items such as jewelry, fine arts, furs, collections and even antiques.

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