Customized Protection

One size doesn't fit all

We understand that each business is unique and has its own challenges. Through our review process we dig into the operations of each business to uncover those hidden risks that may be overlooked by others. By developing a customized insurance program for our clients we help to ensure they have the protection that matches their ARRT profile. This helps to provide maximum return on investment for their risk management portfolio.

What are your risks?

We uncover the risk associated with your operations. Now that we have completed a review of your operations, now it’s time to understand the risks. In some cases the risk may be minor and therefore you may assume (or take on the burden) the outcome should something occur. In other cases the risk may have great consequences and therefore must be part of your risk-transfer program. There may be certain risks that must be addressed due to requirements of others.

It's an ongoing process

Review regularly. Business changes over time. By conducting regular reviews Sullivan and Associates can help manage your insurance program to either identify new exposures or help you control your existing ones.

Pricing at Sullivan & Associates is very competitive, but what sets you apart is the single contact we have for all of our needs.