Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the difference between an Independent Insurance Agent and a Direct Writer?A direct writer generally represents the one company they work for. State Farm, AAA and Allstate would be some examples. Sullivan & Associates is an Independent Insurance Agent. We represent several insurance companies such as Central Mutual, Auto Owners, and Cincinnati Insurance Company to name a few. We can shop the best pricing and coverage's that fit your lifestyle and needs.

Do you only write insurance in Illinois?No. Our agency can write coverage in many different states. For example, we have insured's who have their primary home here in Illinois and a summer place in Wisconsin. Call our agency if you are looking for coverage in a particular state.

Can you offer same day binders for home closings or Auto ID Cards?Yes.

Do you offer payment plans?All of the companies we represent offer a variety of payment options. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and paid in full plans are available. Some companies even waive their service charge if you sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer.

Health Insurance FAQs

I'm between jobs, where do I buy Health Insurance? Give us a call or send us an email. We can find the level of coverage you are looking for with the insurance company that offers the most for the best price.

My Health Insurance costs too much, what are my options? Give us a call or send us an email. You can raise your deductible or your maximum out of pocket, or change insurance companies to name a few suggestions. We can show you options.

Is Dental Insurance really important? Yes, it's crucial to the health and maintenance of your teeth. Regular check-ups and cleanings can also aid in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It can be added on to most health policies.

What is the quickest way to make payment on my Health Policy? Over the phone payments are the quickest way to pay, ask your carrier if there is a fee for that transaction. It's optimal to set up an Auto-pay on your policy through your checking account.

I have a claim that isn't getting paid, what should I do? See the "Tips for Successful Claims" page in the Your Employees tab, under the Resources heading.

Why didn't I receive Explanation of Benefits Statements for my claims? Call the insurance company and ask them if you're set up for electronic EOBs. That may be a default for some companies. Tell them you want paper statements mailed to you.

Can I get a child only health policy? Not at this time. All persons under 18 must be a dependent on a parent's policy.

Are there any penalties for going without Health Insurance between jobs? If you go without Health Insurance for more than 63 days, your next health insurance company may not pay claims related to any pre-existing conditions you may have had for six months to one year.

Auto Insurance

When do I need to add my new driver to my auto insurance?In the State of IL your young driver will first need to be on their permit for 9 months and complete 50 hours of driving time. Once they have their actual driver's license is when you will call to have them added to your policy. You will need to provide: the new driver's name; Date of Birth; Driver's License Number.

Can my new driver get any discounts if they are a good student?Yes!! If your student has maintained a 3.0 GPA in their last semester in school they would be eligible for the discount. You need only to send a copy of their last report card or you can go to our main page and print out a copy of the "Good Student Discount" form. Your child would drop this form off at the school office for an official to complete.

Can college students get the Good Student Discount?As long as your student is full time and maintains a 3.0 or better. Some companies will extend this discount even once they have graduated to age 24.

If I have a college student who attends college out of state, without a car, can I drop them from my auto coverage?No. Your student will remain on the policy. However, if your student is more than 100 road miles from home, is a full time student and does not have a vehicle with them, then they will qualify for the Distant Student Discount. Call our agency for more information.

Who do I call when I have a claim?You have several options. You can call the agency to report your claim or after-hours you can call the insurance direct. Follow the link on our home page "File a Claim". There may be times you are not sure if you want to actually file the claim but would like to discuss it first. Please do not hesitate to call the agency and speak with Chris Pickard.

You want a partner who understands your objectives, defines and presents the options available, discusses the short and long term affects in making decisions and works in your best interests on a consistent basis. Sullivan & Associates has maintained the highest degree of integrity and confidence in building a relationship based on trust for over 25 years.