Benefits / COBRA Administration

If you are an employer group, we offer our administrative services to you. Our services include assistance in the processing of enrollments and terminations. We can take care of your COBRA or Illinois State Continuation notification obligations. Our employees stay current on all new COBRA compliance regulations. We are here to offer advice if you need it. You may be new to the Benefits Administration position, or you've just had Benefits Administration added to your job duties.

Services we provide

  • Processing & Confirmations of Enrollments, Terminations and Plan Changes
  • Mailing of the COBRA or Illinois State Continuation Notices
  • Provide you with copies of all paperwork
  • Proof of mailing receipt upon request
  • We keep you audit ready, and up to date on all compliances
  • Mailing of a Short-pay received notification if necessary
  • Mailing of Renewal rates during Open Enrollment
  • Mailing of any updates to your COBRA coverage to COBRA participants

All you have to do is call us with the termination information, and we will do the rest for you. You can concentrate on other aspects of your job while we take some administrative duties off your hands.

Pricing at Sullivan & Associates is very competitive, but what sets you apart is the single contact we have for all of our needs.