Our Philosophy

Your Needs are Unique...

Risk is a fact of life, whether known, or as yet, unidentified. This is why we conduct a thorough assessment for each client and why we can make a pledge of exceptional service.

You will appreciate our team of professionals and the assistance they provide in helping you make unencumbered choices that safeguard your business.

Expect the Unexpected

At Sullivan & Associates we encourage our clients to expect more.

  • More attention to what makes your company unique.
  • More assistance with the expected and the unexpected.
  • More access to current information and resources.
  • More assurance that policies, procedures and practices are complete, coordinated and compliant.

Our 30 year history and the fact that we are an independent agency has allowed us to develop strong relationships with a manifold of financially sound insurance carriers.

We help clients manage their property and casualty risks, employee benefits, professional liability, and other areas of unique exposure. Additionally, we offer a full range of personal insurance products and services.

While the insurance process is rarely simple, at Sullivan & Associates, we're doing everything we can to make it less complicated.

You want a partner who understands your objectives, defines and presents the options available, discusses the short and long term affects in making decisions and works in your best interests on a consistent basis. Sullivan & Associates has maintained the highest degree of integrity and confidence in building a relationship based on trust for over 25 years.